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Hotel Francis Palace - Wellness centre

Wellness centre

Ladies and gentlemen, dear guests,
because your satisfaction and your health for us very important are, we have prepared a hotel extension for you with a new wellness centre that will bring you even more irreplaceable experiences and at the same time more efficient spa activities. There are several saunas (herbal, steam, finnish and infrared sauna). There is also a rest room with sun loungers, experience showers, water bucket and ice maker for a pleasant cooling. Extensions include a new fitness centre, a massage and relaxation room.

Hotel Francis Palace - Wellness centre

Infrared sauna

is a type of sauna that uses light to create heat. Also known as a far-infrared sauna, where "far" describes the place at which infrared waves fall on the light spectrum. Infrared saunas are contrary to a traditional sauna, which use heat to warm the air. Infrared is much like the type of warmth we naturally receive from the sun. Infrared light safely raises your internal, core body temperature and promotes healing as you sweat. It can also increase endurance, stamina, acquisition of muscle mass, and create an increased capacity for stress tolerance. The temperature is actually lower (between 30°-60°C) than what's usually experienced in a traditional sauna – it feel much like getting into a hot car in the when it's cool outside and the sun has heated it. However, what's more important than the temperature is that you're receiving authentic infrared light.


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