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Hotel Francis Palace - Wellness centre

Wellness centre

Ladies and gentlemen, dear guests,
because your satisfaction and your health for us very important are, we have prepared a hotel extension for you with a new wellness centre that will bring you even more irreplaceable experiences and at the same time more efficient spa activities. There are several saunas (herbal, steam, finnish and infrared sauna). There is also a rest room with sun loungers, experience showers, water bucket and ice maker for a pleasant cooling. Extensions include a new fitness centre, a massage and relaxation room.

Hotel Francis Palace - Wellness centre

Ice maker & experience showers

For the right effect of sauna work, after warming should comes the right cooling. After leaving the sauna, there is an ice-maker, offering ice-cold -0.5°C temperature, which helps cool the nape and then the entire body. Ice scrub is applied until you feel a strong feeling of cold. In experience showers you can cool the body in a milder way and is suitable for people whose health condition does not allow a rapid cooling under ice water.
For a healthy person, the most appropriate combination is to use ice on the back and than cool the body in the showers.


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