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As a certified private spa treatment facility, we use natural curative resources - mineral water and peat from local deposits - under the authorization of Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

Parafango wrap

Parafango is a mixture of peat and paraffin, heated to the temperature of 45° Celsius. The wraps are used to warm up muscles and joints, most commonly of the back, shoulders and knees. At the point of application, perfusion will increase and soft tissues will loosen up. We use the parafango wraps for warming before a classical massage, in order to attain a better massage effect.
15 minutes

Mud wrap

The peat, which we use for these wraps, comes from the area of Františkovy Lázně. It is a sulfur-ferric peat with the main share of reeds. Reaction of the peat is slightly acidic. It is applied in milled form, mixed with water, which is heated to 42-43° Celsius. The minerals contained in the peat penetrate the skin. The heat increases blood circulation in the area, and also local metabolism, which speeds up the absorption of inflammatory infiltrates and relaxes both skeletal muscles and smooth vascular muscles.
20 minutes

Paraffin wrap

For paraffin wraps, we use a blend of paraffin wax and paraffin oil; its temperature is between 54 and 56° Celsius. The blend seems to be hot but the heat penetrates the tissues evenly; that is why the increased temperature is tolerated without problems. The client will dip his or her hands into a hot bath repeatedly, in order to form a continuous layer of paraffin. Warming reduces the pain in smaller hand joints, relieves muscle tension, and improves tissue nutrition.
15 minutes


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