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Relaxation massages

Do you feel tired? Would you like to relax and have a wonderful experience? In that case, relaxation massages are the right choice for you. Try our new treatments!

Chocolate massage and body wrap

In most high-class relaxation centers, hot chocolate massage is the crown jewel among massages and beauty treatments. Hot chocolate helps to relax stiff muscles, to wash away toxic substances, and to remove cellulite; it tones and tightens the skin, it removes scales and dead cells. It affects heart in a positive way and brings about detoxification; it washes away undesirable and toxic substances. In other words, it is an exceptional tool in the fight against consequences of stress and depression.

Chocolate contains many elements useful for the human body. The uniqueness of chocolate was known more than 2000 years ago. Even then, people knew that it brings good mood feelings and that it rejuvenates skin significantly.

Cocoa prevents penetration of free radicals in the body. Theobromine, contained in cocoa, has an effect on vascular endings in the skin and activates metabolism (in a similar way like caffeine, but not so strongly).It is harmonizing and gently stimulating. Chocolate can release endorphins and serotonin, sources of happiness. Thanks to a chocolate massage or wrap, the body absorbs vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and antioxidants through the skin.

After such an exotic massage, you will feel refreshed and relaxed. Chocolate will provide you with great look and excellent skin care. Your skin will be fresh and beautiful, your muscles relaxed; your body will smell of chocolate, thus acquiring irresistible attractiveness and charm.


  • Pregnancy
  • High blood pressure
  • Allergy to any component of the treatment

The complete treatment takes about sixty minutes and involves peeling, relaxation massage with warm chocolate oil, and chocolate wrap.

Chocolate massage will belong to your most fragrant and pleasant experiences…

60 minutes

Honey massage

Honey massage is a special technique; the therapist coats the back of the massaged person with fragrant melted honey, and then slowly rubs it into the client's skin. Thanks to the nutritious substances contained in honey, and to the technique of massage movements, toxins are being washed out - they are harmful substances that have accumulated in the body of the client over a long period of time and that have permanently weakened his or her immunity.

A detoxification honey massage lasts about thirty minutes, depending on the course of the individual massage. During the massage, the honey changes its color and consistency, depending on the volume of toxins in the body of the client. The results of this extremely efficient manual technique are not only washing away toxic substances and thereby activating the internal organs but also a perfect overall relaxation of the body.

The immediate effects of this massage are pleasant relaxation and mild fatigue. The positive effects of detoxification can be evaluated over a longer period of time.


For the full honey massage, triple honey application is sufficient. With acute health problems, honey massage is recommended once or twice a week; during pregnancy, one application will suffice. In order for sediments in joints to be released, honey application is recommended twice a month.As a prevention measure, it is suitable to apply this massage once a month.


  • Improving digestion, boosting immunity
  • Disappearance of certain circulation problems
  • Reducing negative manifestations (acne, cellulite)
  • Adjusting sleep quality
  • Reduction or elimination of depressions and migraines
  • Analgetic effects for rheumatic disorders of muscles and joints


  • Allergy to honey
  • Open wounds
  • Gastric ulcers
  • High intraocular pressure

30 minutes

Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage is a technique that has long been practiced in Hawaii and China. Hot round stones, warmed up in water with a temperature of around 37-40° Celsius, are placed on the body of the client. The heat from the stones penetrates and relaxes the whole client's body.

Apart from the accumulated heat, the stones transmit a very strong energetic vibration, and affect meridians - the energy pathways leading from the fingertips all the way to internal organs. These pathways are often poorly permeable or completely blocked, but thanks to the hot stone massage, they reopen. Hot stone massage provides vitality and good humor.

The massage itself is very comfortable for the client. The body is massaged alternately with the stones and   without them. Often, exotic fragrant oils are used as well. Everyone who has tried a hot stone massage talks about it with enthusiasm. Some clients confirm that they felt the effects of the massage even several days afterwards.


  • Eliminating stress and tension in the body
  • Stimulating blood and lymphatic systems
  • Supporting body detoxification
  • Solving sleep problems
  • Relief from joint pains, rheumatism, cramps
  • Removing headaches


  • Pregnancy
  • High heat hypersensitivity
  • Varicose veins, circulation problems
  • Skin diseases
  • Feverish and infectious diseases

30 minutes, a partial massage
60 minutes, a full massage

Hawaiian massage

The massage is characterized by the use of special Hawaiian techniques (arm, elbow, and forearm strokes). Thanks to their rhythmicity and highly developed energy potential, they have a very intense therapeutic and relaxing effect. The massage is performed using warm massage oil, chosen by the customer from multiple presented options.

During the massage, small towels are put under limbs as needed. Vast majority of operations (80%) are performed not only by fingers and palms; unlike classical massages, parts of forearms and elbows are used. To the biggest possible extent, the masseur uses the center of gravity of his or her own body. Thus a very intense effect is achieved. The movements are performed continuously in constant physical contact with the client.

Efficiency is a measure of truth, and it shows how genuinely the masseur and the massaged person approach this massage. This massage reminds a kind of a "dance around the table" and   it is often rightly called a pearl among massages. It can be performed both in a full and in a partial form.

A special set of strokes enhances the feeling of tranquility and brings about a relaxed mood. With the Hawaiian massage, it is very important that the client meets the personality of the masseur. Not only because of the fact that all masseurs organize their own massage sets, based on proper implementation of the learned techniques.

The learned system is individually adjusted and improved. The masseurs can develop it and bring it closer to the given needs of the clients. The energy flows in the direction, where we concentrate it. Both the masseur and the massaged person should think of positive things, and by the power of thought, they will subconsciously attract positive events .The massage takes place at this very moment and so we want to be concentrated on it as much as we can .As if we would like to say to ourselves: "That which happened is already gone, and that which is to come has not yet come into existence…"

The Hawaiian massage is kind of a virtual astral stroll through your own body and soul. At the right moment, the feeling of happiness is the best help with all possible questions that one would like to know the answer to. We can only help others when we live in harmony with ourselves.

The Hawaiian massage instructs us on how to manage our energy optimally in order not to waste it. During the massage, feel the power that comes from within - do not let it blocked by education, environment or circumstances. In fact, our Hawaiian massage is very helpful because it teaches us to act by heart and perceive ourselves in harmony with nature - to listen to our own body and dispose of stress.

Originally, the Hawaiian therapeutic massage was practiced in Hawaii, especially among nobility - one "session" took up to four days. It was very important who carried out this therapy, which was known as the holy ritual. Since then, it has evolved into its present form by gradual blending with techniques and knowledge of other cultures.

It is suitable against both fatigue and insomnia, headaches, and unpleasant tensions. It helps to face stressful situations more easily; we recommend it to anyone who likes unusual massaging experiences. It belongs to the very popular ways of relaxation.

Effects of the massage

  • Stimulating of blood circulation and lymphatic system
  • Eliminating muscle pain, fatigue, and stress
  • Relaxing stiff and strained joints
  • Helping with detoxification of the body
  • Deeply relaxing and harmonizing


  • Open wounds and bruises
  • Recent surgeries
  • Numerous varicose veins (the afflicted areas can be omitted)
  • Infectious diseases
  • Skin infections
  • Burns
  • Inflammations
  • Pregnancy (partial contraindication)

40 minutes


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