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Other treatments

As a certified private spa treatment facility, we use natural curative resources - mineral water and peat from local deposits - under the authorization of Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.


Electrotherapy uses various forms of electric energy; we use traditional electrotherapeutic methods, such as diadynamic currents, interferential currents, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, Träbert currents, and Vacotron.The use of a particular type of electrotherapy depends on the desired effect - tissue perfusion, relaxing or strengthening of skeletal or smooth muscles, absorption of swellings, alleviation of inflammatory manifestations.
10 minutes


For inhalations, we use mineral water, which improves the function of respiratory mucosae; the water is effective against inflammations, dissolves phlegm, and relieves coughing. Against severe breathing difficulties, it is possible to add medicaments into the water; in case of lower airway catarrh, natural salts or plant extracts can be added.
10 minutes


Laser treatment is a special method using a controlled light beam. It has numerous effects - analgetic, anti-inflammatory, biostimulating, hyperaemic (improving blood flow) and anti-edematous. The light beam supplies the cells at the place of exposure with energy and stimulates them to divide. This leads to a faster regeneration of damaged tissues. The laser also helps to fight bacteria and viruses. Thanks to a diverse range of effects, the utilization of laser for therapeutic purposes is very broad, e.g. against skin, neural, and muscular diseases.
2 to 4 minutes

Magnet therapy

Magnet therapy uses the effects of a pulsed electromagnetic field for therapeutic purposes. It affects physiological processes at the level of systems, organs, tissues, cells, and molecules. A special cushion is attached to the desired place, affecting the organism with electromagnetic waves. The limbs are placed into a special ring. The therapy causes vascular dilatation, it has analgetic, anti-inflammatory and spasmolytic effects, it stimulates healing of bones and soft tissues. The clients who have a pacemaker should undergo neither magnet therapy nor electrotherapy.
20 minutes

Oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy is primarily a restorative treatment that helps the body - along with antioxidants - fight against free radicals. Free radicals cause premature aging of cells and numerous diseases .During this treatment, oxygen is inhaled and the oxygen saturation in the blood increases. Tissues and organs are enriched with oxygen, which increases physical and mental performance, improves heart function as well as elasticity of the lungs. It has a very positive effect on brain functions.
60 minutes


Ultrasound converts electric energy into mechanical and thermal energy, thus massaging tissues on a micro-level. Frequencies between 0.75 and 3 MHz allow for targeted treatment of deep and subsurface structures. This leads to better blood perfusion and improved tissue nutrition, relaxation of muscle contractures, softening of scars, and the reduction of swellings. For musculoskeletal disorders, its effects are analgetic and anti-inflammatory.
Up to 10 minutes


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