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As a certified private spa treatment facility, we use natural curative resources - mineral water and peat from local deposits - under the authorization of Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

Group exercises

These are exercises under the guidance of a physiotherapist, held in small groups of clients with the same type of disease. Each exercise consists of several phases: the warm-up, the main part - specifically targeted based on diagnosis - and the final part. In the final phase, the exercise intensity decreases, and is followed by relaxation and stretching exercises. For group exercises, various equipment is used as needed. The goal of the therapy is to improve mobility, to strengthen specific muscle groups and to increase the overall fitness.
20 minutes

Individual therapeutic exercises

The exercise concentrates on the afflicted or dysfunctional body part, such as the cervical spine, the airway, conditions after joint surgeries, etc. During the training, the client learns to perform each exercise correctly. Individual exercises use different techniques and various equipment. The goal of the therapy is to improve mobility, to strengthen and stretch muscle groups, and to increase the overall fitness; also, teaching the client specific techniques that can be continued with individually at home.
15 minutes

Swimming pool exercises

Swimming pool exercises are performed as a group training. They use the relaxing effect of hot water in combination with physical therapy. The water temperature is between 29 and 30° Celsius. Water facilitates motion, and by force or swing movements, resistance arises, which is directly proportional to the speed and strength of the movements. In this way, it is possible to strengthen muscles, increase the range of motion, and limber up ill joints. The advantage of this treatment lies in improving fitness in unassuming ways.
20 minutes

Manual therapy

Manual therapy is a large group of special methods under the guidance of a physiotherapist. This includes soft and mobilization techniques. For various reasons, joint blockage may occur (e.g. after a sudden movement or a trauma). Movements are then limited, painful, or even totally impossible. Mobilization techniques help to remove joint blockages. Many musculoskeletal pains are caused by soft tissue dysfunction. Treatment is often simple; with soft techniques, it is possible to relax muscles, muscle fascia, subcutaneous tissue, and skin, and to restore balance of the musculoskeletal system as a whole.
20 minutes


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