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As a certified private spa treatment facility, we use natural curative resources - mineral water and peat from local deposits - under the authorization of Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

Mineral bath - carbon dioxide bath

For carbon dioxide baths, we use natural mineral water from the Stefanie spring. The water temperature is between 33 and 34° Celsius, it is a hypothermic bath. Cold feeling disappears after a few seconds, when the bubbles of carbon dioxide create a continuous film on the skin surface. Carbon dioxide is absorbed by the skin and causes a chemical reaction in the body, dilating at first the subsurface, later also the deep blood vessels. Overall, blood perfusion improves, blood pressure drops, and diuresis climbs. Mineral baths are used, among others, with musculoskeletal, gynecological, and urological disorders.
20 minutes

Extract of peat bath

The peat that we use as a bath additive comes from the area of Františkovy Lázně. It is a sulfur-ferric peat with the main share of reeds. The peat is added to the mineral water from the Stefanie spring. During the bath, the whole body warms up. After the bath, mobility improves and the client feels pleasantly relaxed. The effect of the mud bath is also analgetic, bactericidal, and virucidal.
20 minutes

Bubble bath

During a bubble bath, the water temperature is between 34 and 36° Celsius. This temperature relaxes the body and soul, and increases diuresis. Under pressure of 0.15 MPa, air is blown into the water, creating bubbles that gently massage the skin. This bath is mainly recommended for sleep disorders, neurological diseases, and musculoskeletal disorders, including spinal pain syndromes. Bubble bath reduces muscle tone and mental tension; it has a good effect in the treatment of scars and menopausal difficulties.
20 minutes

Whirlpool bath

This is a whole-body bath, and its temperature varies between 36 and 38° Celsius. The circulation of water and air currents leads to a massage, improving blood supply into the limbs, improving metabolism, and stimulating skin cells.Whirlpool bath helps to cure lymphatic swellings, rheumatic diseases, and posttraumatic conditions.It is also well tolerated with muscle atrophy, peripheral palsy, and diabetes.
20 minutes

Underwater massage

Underwater massage is a type of whole-body massage, performed in warm water between 35 and 37° Celsius. The therapist massages lower limbs, upper limbs, and the back with a stream of water. This treatment combines the effects of a hot bath and a massage. After the massage, the muscles are relaxed and a pleasant fatigue sets in. Underwater massage is recommended for problems with the musculoskeletal system, i. e. muscle pain, arthritis, conditions after muscle and joint injuries, etc.
20 minutes


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