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Carbon dioxide therapy

As a certified private spa treatment facility, we use natural curative resources - mineral water and peat from local deposits - under the authorization of Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

Gas injections

Gas injections are a type of reflexive therapy. We use medicinal 100% carbon dioxide. The gas is injected under the skin in the maximum amount of 200 ml per session. The immediate effect may be uncomfortable or even painful but after a few minutes, it turns into a nice, warm feeling. The skin around the injection site is reddish for a short time. Carbon dioxide causes dilation of small blood vessels, which in turn brings about muscle relaxation and pain relief. Repeated applications improve tissue nutrition.

Dry carbon dioxide bath

The treatment is performed in a seated position; the legs and the lower trunk of the client are in a plastic bag filled with medicinal 100% carbon dioxide. The gas penetrates the skin rapidly, even through clothing. Dilation of blood vessels occurs, first of the subsurface ones, later also of the deep ones. Thanks to this effect, blood pressure throughout the body drops, blood supply into the lower limbs improves, inflammatory manifestations diminish. Increased carbon dioxide blood level positively affects the function of kidneys. Effects of a dry carbon dioxide bath are almost identical to the effects of a mineral bath; therefore, this treatment is suitable even for clients with a skin disease that prevents them from entering water.
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